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We LOVE Love. Join us for an evening of beautiful company and discussion on societal perspectives on the topic of love. We’ll be getting deep into discussion on myths about love and challenge notions we have when it comes to the romantic aspect of our lives. This talk is facilitated by our expert leaders in the area of marriage and relationships so you can expect dialogue to be as fascinating as it is informative! We’ll be speaking on creating intimacy, deepening commitment, and romantic passion. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how to cultivate these elements into future and established relationships alike.


//Intensive: New Year’s AF


Y’all, FORGET ABOUT RESOLUTIONS! They are seriously the worst and we all know we do such a terrible job following through. We swarm the gym, get our post Christmas cookie cleanse on, and head to church like we’re seriously going to stick with it this time. It’s time to flip old methods on its head and start the year with the clarity and skills to ACTUALLY live the life we want to design for ourselves - whatever that might look like! In addition to meeting other positive, intention-driven people, we'll leave you with a roadmap for how to course-correct throughout the year and recognize that cheeky self-sabotage bullcrap that gets in your way.

>> Join us for New Year’s AF - a new way to new year! Register below and join us January 26th from 2-5pm at HumanHQ. Cost to make shift happen? $228. <<

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