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Human HQ is a passion project that was born out of sheer need. When our fellow dreamers put down their coffee and ask, "where the heck are the other positive and driven people??" We say, "we're right here!!" And we're shining a little light for more to come.

Small groups + Events

As human beings, we are hardwired for collaboration and connection. In this electronic day and age, we recognize the struggle is REAL to find spaces that promote meaningful dialogue among people that share our value of living like this is the only life we have. HumanHQ has created the unique opportunity for the ambitious, growth-driven Houstonian to connect and get the most out of life via small groups and special events that inspire. 

GROUP. This is the place to curl up on the couch, connect, and reflect. Together with your fellow humans, we’ll take you through our intentionally designed series of thought-provoking questions to get you connecting with yourself and each other. The topics cover major life domains that make us fully human across our 4 life topics: Hustle, Connect, Stimulate, and Expand. These topics cover the facets of life that make us human and help you tap into your authentic truth, open up about relationships, talk about mindset, and your wildest, fear inducing dreams.  Some questions are soul deep, others are more intellectual and curious. Each group is mindfully curated to consist of folks we think you'll vibe with. We tend to attract a lot of professionals, creatives, and folks with driven or entrepreneurial mindsets. After all, we're a community of dreamers. Together, we’ll make great friendships and share the realness of our lives.

EVENTS. Our primary mission is connection. I mean, where in the world do we go to make more (really) good friends that our lives are yearning for? That’s why in addition to group, we also host special events in the community. This is our chance to open our doors to our awesome Houstonians who want to come in for a special event and meet other people! Since we’re all about living a meaningful life, our events are all centered on ways to savor and deepen your life.

>>Read over the FAQ page to get a more detailed picture of what to expect.<<

Join the movement.

Whether it's through your perspective or the tiniest of actions, you have SO MUCH POWER to create change via your authenticity and encouragement to your fellow human. That's why you will find HumanHQ spreading the good vibes throughout the city. You'll be seeing us walk the talk by getting HONEST about our human struggles, our goals, and inspirations. Catch us on social media through our Instagram and Facebook page to hear about how we're inviting our community to get messy in their authenticity and cultivate good things. Let's do this life thing, Houston.