Meet the Human crew


Founder + Co-Visionary

Dr. Beatriz Craven

B is the founder of HumanHQ. She has a deep-seated drive to live in a meaningful and full-hearted way. She is sensitive to the limited time we have in this world and dedicates her existence to helping people get the most out of it. B has a tendency to laugh loud, love hard, and is sincerely unapologetic about it. As a psychologist, she works mostly with creatives and professionals at her psychology and coaching practice, Modern Therapy, in Houston. She has led small groups for years and is completely convinced they are one of the most special and unique experiences we can have in our lives.



Holly Coneway

Ahh, where do we begin with Holly. She is our beam of sunshine, goal getter, and source of all things optimistic. Holly is our co-head vision creator. She helps us keep our eye on where we want to go in life with her powerful perspective and love of life. Holly has never been one to settle. Ever. She's from small town west Texas and always dreamed of what was over the horizon. She speaks from experience when it comes to the mentality that "if there's a will, there's a way." She loves helping people gain insight and equip themselves with the know-how to live a life that's aligned with their values and sense of purpose. When she’s not dreaming up ways to save the world one small group at a time with B, she’s coaching and making serious shift happen with her clients at Modern Therapy.

Human Development Team

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Nathaly Moreno.

Nathaly’s energy makes it hard to not feel like sparkles and glitter on the inside (and yet she makes you feel seriously heard when you’re talking about the real stuff). For Nathaly, the relationships we create and maintain throughout our lives make us who we are, form part of our narrative (the stories we tell ourselves in our head), and provide comfort in our journey. She believes that to achieve self-growth, we need deep relationships that help us create meaning.

She loves relationships so much, that she attained a Masters in the most relational-based type of psychology there is: marriage and family! When she’s not at Human, she’s busy saving the world one relationship at a time at Modern Therapy.

HumanHQ_Yvonne_Oke_life_coach_houston_heights_new to houston_small group_relationship expert_speaker

Yvonne Oke.

This woman right here.. Yvonne is our powerhouse. You feel so much mad respect and inspiration to take things further when you connect to this bright, fiery light of a female. She’s not afraid to say the things and does so with caring honesty. We freaking love this woman and her wild heart.

When Yvonne isn’t inspiring and hosting at Human, she’s changing lives with an expertise in couples at our big sister company, Modern Therapy.

Christian_Bumpous_houston_heights_life_coach_small group_new to houston_meet people in houston_young professionals

Christian Bumpous.

Christian! Meet our “old soul” meets “bestie kindred spirit.” The most common feedback we hear about him from men and women alike is “I just Love Christian.” He leaves you feeling appreciated, understood, and wiser with his depth of knowledge. Let’s just say his Amazon cart is always full. Of books. 

When Christian isn’t hosting small group conversations and leading talks, he’s impacting lives as a therapist at our big sister company, Modern Therapy.

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