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If you love psychology, wellness, and hoorah the good energy vibes, you should absolutely consider hosting a group in your area.

Are you a leader in the fields of psychology, health, and wellness? If you’re a passionate, kindness-driven, “leave the world better than I left it” kind of person, we should chat.

With a curriculum of thought provoking life questions that was designed by therapists and built for Humans, we are ALL about hosting authentic, safe conversation and developing unique opportunities for growth-minded people to connect and deepen their lives. What’s more, we’re driven to create more spaces in the world for good vibes and we’re hooking up with folks in the field of psychology, health, and wellness to bring new opportunity for our communities.

We currently have employment opportunities for Lead Host positions as well as voluntary Co-Lead Internship positions. All positions are part-time. Due to the nature of Human HQ groups (positive, vulnerability inviting, safe, honest) hosts must possess the skills and interpersonal awareness necessary to host a healthy group. For this reason, this is a great position for folks that have training or extensive experience in providing safe spaces, such as those in the field of psychology (think therapists, social workers, certified life coaches), yoga (we see you and your awesome trainings yoga-people), or related health and wellness fields.

Read a brief summary of our job descriptions below and shoot us a message to apply. Send us your resume to

Lead Host position

  • Facilitate 1.5 hour group 2 times a month following our curriculum outline

  • Help group members feel safe, open, and welcome

  • Help group members grow by facilitating dialogue and sharing related expertise in psychology and wellness

  • Support group to stay on track with organization of content and communication with members

  • Stay supported and grow via monthly consultation meetings with our Human HQ team

Co-Lead Internship position

  • Offer secondary support to Lead Host and the tasks they need to accomplish to take care of their group.

  • Learn, grow, and play! This is a great opportunity for early career therapy interns or yoga instructors to spread their knowledge base into real world impact.

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INTERNS/Co-Leads: We do offer internship opportunities for early career psychology professionals that are still under supervision on their path to full licensure. Our interns are eligible to begin as co-leads and graduate into part time employment with experience. If this sounds like your level of experience, is our internship track something you would be interested in learning more about? *