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Because Small talk makes us want to spoon our eyeballs out.

Let’s Connect.

We host gatherings for people who want to grow connections with kind-vibing people, have deep, meaningful conversation, and live with intention. Designed by therapists, led by Humans.


At human hq, We share through storytelling and Connect through curiOsity.

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Our Mission

Human HQ is a project that was born out of sheer need. We need places to connect, share our stories, and build each other up in a world that constantly invites us to do the opposite. When our fellow dreamer finishes their morning podcast and asks, “where the heck are the other positive and life-loving people?? I want to talk about this!" We say, "we're right here!!" And we're shining a light for more to come.

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Our Offerings

Small Groups

We host year-long small groups as well as singular events. If you’re seeking a place for meaningful conversation and to build kind community through sharing stories and the things that intrigue you (and leave you feeling alive), group is for you. We have crafted a thoughtful guide of topic questions that will take you on a journey of discussion and discovery that you won’t want to miss.

Our groups are currently held in the greater Houston area. Interested in starting a Human group in your city? Rad! Click the Contact button and follow the application link. For literally every detailed question we could think of, head to our FAQ page!


We host singular community events for people to pop in and listen to a psychology, health, or wellness leader lead discussion inspired by Human’s 4 topic areas of: Hustle, Connect, Stimulate, and Expand. This is a great way to hear from leaders, have fun dialogue, and get a feel for what we’re all about. Leave with a head full of reflection and tangible take-always to bring into your life.

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Our Topics

Our aim is to leave you feeling more aware, encouraged, and free to "you do you" in life. Our small groups offer a super casual and secure space for you to be open and real. Every meeting, we bring thought provoking questions to dig into and chew on together. Knowing that we seek wholeness as human beings, we have developed four key categories of life that we draw on to leave us feeling well-rounded.



Let's take a different approach to: what do you do? Work is a big portion of our lives. Let’s talk about your curiosities, identify how we bring our personal values and mission to light our fire, our relationship with money (whoa), and more.


We were built to explore. Let’s get up in our heads and explore our ideas. We’ll talk about our own definitions of spirituality, do a mindfulness meditation experiential to help us re-center, dig into the concept of legacy, meaning, and philosophize over ideologies.


Let's get RELATIONAL. Let's talk relationships with family, sex+ love, boundaries, and encourage each other to bring out our most fearless, authentic selves. 


Let's challenge ourselves to grow as a person. Let's commit to our fullest lives by calling out the things that get in our way, lean into our strengths, and find our blindspots so we can lean into our lives with hoorah, courage, and clarity.


“We wanted to provide a space that feels more relaxed, and open, and liberated. And where you can just come in and be your person and open up.”