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What's your membership model?

Our small groups are $98 a month. Cost of our local Houston events vary so check out our events page!

Who is HumanHQ designed for?

HumanHQ is designed for folks who care about connecting over meaningful and open discussions about life, being a part of supportive community, and who seek to continuously improve and cultivate their best lives. This is a space for individuals who don't just talk about life, they DO something about it and want to surround themselves in people who do the same. We are the podcast listeners, the book readers, and the goal setters. Our members use this as a space to reflect, explore their stories, and stay intentional with their lives as they encourage their fellow members along the way. We cater to motivated individuals that want a constant meet-up space to make room for internal curiosity, reflection, and growth within good company because why wouldn't they? Life is short!

When it comes to groups, who is HumanHQ NOT designed for?

We care about your life and want to see you succeed. Depending on where you're at in your life and what your goals are, we may or may not be the right fit. Our members are growth-minded humans so we talk openly about our struggles with things like self-doubt, stress, lack of fulfillment, you name it. That said, if you're looking for a place to vent, currently feel too stuck to create movement in your life, or are facing emotional struggles that are significantly impacting your ability to perform in life, you may be best suited in seeking therapeutic support to help you break through some barriers first. Therapy is awesome and life-giving. Take some time for yourself first and we can help you from there.

What exactly can I expect from a small group?

When it comes to small group, our aim is to leave you feeling more aware, encouraged, and free to "you do you" in life. Our small groups offer a super casual and secure space for you to be open and real. Every meeting, we bring thought provoking questions to dig into and chew on together. Knowing that we seek wholeness as human beings, we have developed four key categories of life that we draw on to leave us feeling well-rounded:

1. Hustle - Let's take a different approach to: what do you do? Work is a big portion of our lives. Let’s talk about your curiosities, identify how we bring our personal values and mission to light our fire, our relationship with money (whoa), and more.

2. Stimulate - We were built to explore. Let’s get up in our heads and explore our ideas. We’ll talk about our own definitions of spirituality, do a mindfulness meditation experiential to help us re-center, dig into the concept of legacy, and philosophize over ideologies.

3. Connect - Let's get RELATIONAL. Let's talk relationships with family, sex+ love, boundaries, and encourage each other to bring out our most fearless, authentic selves.

4. Expand - Let's challenge ourselves to grow as a person. Let's commit to our fullest lives by calling out the things that get in our way, lean into our strengths, and find our blindspots so we can lean into our lives with hoorah, courage, and clarity.

Are there guidelines for group members? I'm wondering what other members are like.

You know it's funny. Most people reach out to us because there was something about our vibe that spoke to them. We attract a lot of life enthusiasts, creatives, small business owners, socially-minded individuals (think non-profit leaders), and folks that are new to the community and want to meet awesome people. Our members all care about getting the most out of their lives and want to be a part of a positive and supportive space. Speaking of which, we ensure that all of our hosts go through training to confidently create a safe and comfortable space for their members. We have a code of honor that our members don't just abide by, the HELL YES to it:

//Human HQ code of honor

I will contribute to the cultivation of a supportive and respectful vibe for my fellow human and myself. With so much chaos in the world, I will do my part to foster a space of openness so we can talk about the real things in life that matter to us. I will do my part to establish an environment where vulnerability can live - free from unnecessary fear. I will take compassionate responsibility for the ways in which I communicate. I hold the value of growth to the highest esteem. I will remind myself of my own freedom and power to take ownership of my life as we venture onward in this journey.


How often are groups held and when?

Each small group is held twice a month. This typically falls about every 2-3 weeks depending on how the month falls. Our small groups are typically held in the evening after traditional work hours, however, early morning groups and other times are available with enough member interest. Each group confirms a time that works for their members. That time is held consistently throughout the year. Shoot us a contact form and let's talk!

Can I just try one small group meet-up? What is the commitment?

We so get it! We want to give you a chance to get to know us and what we’re about before you sign up. If you’re in Houston, come to one of our events! It’s a great way to get to know us before joining. Also, your host will take the time to meet and connect with you before starting a group so there’s that too!

So here's the thing with the commitment piece. The power of small groups is that the same people show up every time. This allows us to create the incredibly unique experience of openness and vulnerability so our attendees can get the most out of their group. We put a lot of time into curating groups. The goal of each group is to be together for one year. This is a journey! We don't have people sign a contract or anything, but we do ask that people make the commitment to group when they feel they are truly ready to and give it at least 3 months to get a true feel once you’re settled in. As each group uniquely evolves and nears its year together, we will reach a point to close the group or re-assess where the group is. We’ll reflect on how far we've come, and decide how to continue from there (if enough members would like to go another round, we may be able to continue the group, but that would be the time for members to move into a brand new group or reflect on where they'd like to take their lives next to meet their next goal).

I understand that you meet with all potential members one-on-one before being offered a spot at a HumanHQ small group. What does this meeting entail?

We want to meet you and hear your story! We dive right into who you are, where you're at, and explore what your life is calling for right now. This will help us better understand what you're looking for and offer you plenty of space to ask questions about the HumanHQ experience. We help determine what the right fit might be for you as we listen to your goals and where you are in your life. By the end of the one-on-one meeting, you'll get insight into a direction to take things next, whether that be a small group at HumanHQ, life coaching, a social group in the community, career counseling, therapy, etc. Due to the nature and scale of our passion project, we thoughtfully curate all groups. Membership is not guaranteed but we will always leave you with insight into where to take things next.

Wondering.. I was part of a small group through my church once. Is this religious at all?

Nope! This organization is totally secular. That said, HQ is a HOUSTON group. So that means our folks are as awesomely diverse as our city. Members come from different ethnicities, sexual orientations, and spiritual backgrounds. We curate our groups so we think of who might vibe with who and as of now, generally place our 20-30 somethings together and 30-40+ somethings together. There is room for everyone at HQ and we fully encourage members to share their authentic selves freely.

I understand that group discussions are hosted by licensed therapists. Is this therapy?

Nope! This is in no way therapy (although being around like-minded people who care about living well feels therapeutic). We simply want to bring you the best. Within their roles as facilitators, our hosts are focused on sharing their passion and knowledge base with you as fellow life travelers that just happen to know a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff. No more, no less. We are humans right along with you and share ALL our stuff too. 

Ok HumanHQ, this is getting interesting. I'm wondering about doing one-on-one coaching or therapy work to dig deeper into some of my stuff. Is this something you can help with?

Awesome! We're glad this experience has motivated you to take things even deeper. We will refer you to folks that can get you the soul work you're looking for. Our founder, Dr. B has a private practice called Modern Therapy based in Houston for one-on-one depth work via coaching and therapy. Reach out to us at contact@humanhq.org to inquire more and we'll help you out so you can find the right fit.

Where is Human HQ located again?

Our headquarters is located on the second floor of 1404 Allston street, Houston, TX 77008. It’s the big black house!