Our Offerings

Small Groups

We host year-long small groups as well as singular events. If you’re seeking a place for meaningful conversation and to build kind community through sharing stories and the things that intrigue you (and leave you feeling alive), group is for you. We have crafted a thoughtful guide of topic questions that will take you on a journey of discussion and discovery that you won’t want to miss.

Our groups are currently held in the greater Houston area. Interested in starting a Human group in your city? Rad! Click the Contact button and follow the application link. For literally every detailed question we could think of, head to our FAQ page!


We host singular community events for people to pop in and listen to a psychology, health, or wellness leader lead discussion inspired by Human’s 4 topic areas of: Hustle, Connect, Stimulate, and Expand. This is a great way to hear from leaders, have fun dialogue, and get a feel for what we’re all about. Leave with a head full of reflection and tangible take-always to bring into your life.

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