HumanHQ Terms of Service

What is HumanHQ?

HumanHQ was created for people that care about getting the most out of life. We are designed for folks who care about connecting over discussions about life, being a part of supportive community, and who seek growth. We cater to motivated individuals that want a constant meet-up space to get extra intentional with their lives because why wouldn't they? Life is short!

The Setup.

HumanHQ is all about bringing you a unique opportunity to connect and live well. Our small groups offer a space for you to be open and real. We discuss many different aspects of life. This can vary in theme from happiness to vulnerability and living our authentic truth. Our facilitators help bring thoughtful questions to reflect on. Our aim is to leave you more aware and insightful so you can move through your life at your best.

Each small group is held twice per month. Small groups may be rescheduled due to holiday or host availability.

The power of small groups is that the same people show up every time. This allows us to create the incredibly unique experience of openness and vulnerability so our attendees can get the most out of their group. We meet with all potential group members before they start so you can get as many questions answered as possible before starting. Individuals may cancel membership at their choosing with no penalty.

Special events are also held for the general public. These include in-house or guest speakers who will speak to topics that inspire and encourage the well-lived life. Events vary by price. There are no refunds but tickets can be transferred.

This is not therapy.

//HumanHQ is not therapy. We simply want to bring you the opportunity to meet other like-minded people and create the opportunity to learn and talk about how we can live our best lives. Within their roles as facilitators, our hosts are focused on sharing their passion and knowledge base with you as fellow life travelers that just happen to know a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff. No more, no less.


HumanHQ works off of a subscription/recurring payment model. Members will be charged $98 per month as the rate for group. Events vary by price.

You can update your credit card online. Simply open up an email notification (this could be an email receipt or email notification that your card was going to expire). In the email you will see a link for you to manage your plan. Simply follow the instructions and you're good to go! If you would like to cancel your subscription with us, please let us know by contacting us at and we'll take care of you.

Know you’re not going to be able to make it to an event? Give your admission to a friend! If you miss a talk or event, that means you missed the opportunity and you are not reimbursed. Kind of like college. Try your best not to miss!

Location and contact.

HumanHQ is located on the second floor at 1404 Allston street, Houston, TX 77008. You can reach us at

Privacy Policy

HumanHQ members abide by a code of honor in which we utilize as our guide to care for one another's stories as though they were our own. We hold space for one another where vulnerability can thrive and this requires mutual respect and care around keeping sensitive information confidential. Because groups consist of humans, confidentiality can not be guaranteed legally. Any contact information provided to us (email and phone) will not be shared or disseminated outside of our organization.