Intrinsic & Personal Values


  1. Pick the 10 values that speak to you the most. From there, we’ll start to pair it down into a new list.

  2. If you HAD to eliminate one from your list, which would you eliminate first? Put that at the bottom of your new list.

  3. If you HAD to eliminate one more, which would you eliminate next? Put that second to the bottom of your new list. Keep doing this until you have a new list that’s in order of importance to you.

  4. Write down your top 3-5. These will be your guides in life. Keep them close to you and refer to them anytime you need help clarifying your path forward.

  • Integrity

  • Status/prestige

  • Achievement/results- oriented

  • Respect from others

  • High levels of responsibility

  • Power

  • Influence people

  • Appreciation

  • Belonging and sense of community

  • Equality

  • Independence

  • Focus on service/contribution

  • Authenticity

  • Commitment

  • Work-life balance

  • Honesty

  • Directly help others

  • Impact society

  • Justice & fairness

  • Connection to religion/spirituality